Mara wanted mandatory vaccinations for players




If Giants owner John Mara had his way, the NFL would have a simple rule: Get vaccinated or you can’t play.

Mara said today that if it were up to him vaccines would be mandatory for all players, but he understands that the NFL can’t impose that rule on a unionized workforce, and the NFL Players Association did not agree.

“I’d prefer that everybody be vaccinated,” Mara said, via Darryl Slater of the Star-Ledger. “I would’ve preferred that it would’ve been mandatory for players to get vaccinated.

But the Players Association did not share that view, so we are where we are, which is not a bad spot to be in. Obviously, I’d like it to be 100 percent [of players vaccinated], because I think it’s the right thing to do.”

Mara also said that he is aware the Raiders will require fans to be vaccinated, but he currently doesn’t plan on having that rule for Giants fans. “As of right now, there are no plans to do that,” he said. “If you ask me that question again in a week or two, I may give you a different answer.

That’ll depend on our discussions with the governor’s office and further guidance from the CDC and other health organizations. I think it’s a fluid attending a football game.—AP

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