Many cattle sheep killed in FMD outbreak

Raza Naqvi

The out break of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) has resulted into death of many cattle, sheep and goats in different villages of tehsil Pindigheb causing huge financial loss to farmers.

Farmers from village Dhabol, Malo wali, Nilhad, Naka Ghulam Shah, Surg, Kharpa, Sora and surrounding areas told journalists that FMD has suddenly spread in the area inecting large number of cattle, goat and sheep and in result many sheep, goats and cattle have died and many are in serious condition inflicting huge financial loss to the farmers.

The farmers alleged that they approached near by veterinary dispensaries to get some medicine or vaccine for their infected cattle, sheep and goat but got nothing as the veterinary assistants sitting there told them that no medicine was available.