Man lies about his age to get COVID-19 jab


In Lahore, a man allegedly overstated his age and was enrolled for the government’s coronavirus vaccination scheme.
A nurse at the Expo Centre caught the man during the verification process before he was injected on Tuesday morning. He had overstated his age during enrollment, the nurse said.
The guy was not charged a fine or disciplined in any way. As he was apprehended, the centre’s workers took him outside and asked the people to wait their turn to be vaccinated.
“It is important to first vaccinate those who are at greater risk of catching the virus,” said a spokesperson for the centre.
The nurse, on the other side, was granted Rs10,000 for “dutifully” doing her work.
Pakistan has set up walk-in vaccine clinics for people above the age of 70. After registering at 1166, senior citizens can go to the closest health centre and get vaccinated.
The NCOC has developed additional COVID-19 vaccination centres throughout the world, including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

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