Man dies after eating ‘unhygienic’ Shawarma

Staff Reporter

A man died allegedly after consuming an “unhygienic” shawarma here in the City on Sunday.

According to police and health authorities, 26-year-old Bilal Rasheed, a resident of Garhi Shahu area, died after eating a shawarma. The officials claimed that Bilal ate a shawarma from a shop in Taxali area.

As soon as the man consumed the swarma, his health condition worsened and he was rushed to Mayo Hospital where he breathed his last during the process of initial treatment.

The police have shifted Bilal’s dead body to the morgue of Mayo Hospital for autopsy and launched further investigation.

The Tibi City Police officials said that the deceased Bilal Rashid was a goldsmith and reason for the death will be confirmed once the autopsy is conducted.

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