Man confesses ordering hit-job on brother’s family


A Lahore man has confessed to ordering a hit-job to kill brother, sister-in-law and niece over a property dispute.

Amanat Ali, his wife Shabana and their two-month-old daughter Azal were murdered on February 27 in Agrics Town in Lahore’s Chohang area.Police arrested Amin, his son Shehzad and hit-man Ashiq who confessed to their crimes.

Amin was imprisoned in 2014 for his father’s murder where he met Ashiq who was among the most notorious inmates for their ruthlessness. He got Ashiq out of the prison and offered a contract of one million rupees to kill his brother, sister-in-law and their child.

In his confessional statement, Amin said they entered Ali’s house where Shehzad held Amanat Ali at gunpoint. Then they took him to the washroom and slit his throat. After this, they tied and killed Shabana and strangled Azal, an infant.

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