Man arrested for murdering couple

City Reporter

A man was arrested for murdering a couple in New Karachi’s Sector 11-L, the police said on Sunday.

Seventy-year-old Jamil and his wife Farhat were found dead in their house earlier this week. According to their post-mortem reports, they were killed 10 days back.

During investigations, the police detained a man who owed money to the couple. “He confessed to the crime in custody,” the investigation officer said.

The suspect had borrowed Rs1.4 million from Jamil and paid monthly installments of Rs70,000.

“A few months back, he suffered a loss in business after which he was unable to pay the installments,” the officer said, adding that that’s when he committed the crime.

An FIR has been registered and the suspect has been taken into custody. Further investigations are underway.