Mafias getting benefits from corrupt system, resist reforms: PM




Prime Minister Imran Khan Monday said that now the people of the country would witness improvement and reforms in all sectors of life as they had left behind the difficult times.

Addressing a gathering of parliamentarians belonging to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and its allies, the prime minister said that there were always resistance and difficulties when you bring changes or reforms.

“The people and mafias getting benefits from the corrupt system will resist and they would create hurdles to protect their privileges, they are getting from such system,” he said. He said the government faced resistance while introducing reforms in different sectors.

The prime minister referred to the functioning of the government run hospitals, said they had been trying for reforms in their management system during the last three years, but were still facing resistance. He observed that on the other hand, in the private hospitals, there was a system of reward and punishment.

The prime minister also stressed upon revamping of standards of medical institutes. He said Pakistan has been among the few countries of the world which saw unprecedented growth rate of 4 per cent during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The prime minister said under the Ehsaas programme, 90 per cent data had been collected, and now they would provide direct subsidy to the poor segments of society.

Referring to construction of houses for the low-income group, he said the people would soon see ‘a revolution unfolding’. He also thanked all the parliamentarians and the allied parties for fully supporting the government.—APP

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