India false flag operations

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INDIA’S military on Mon- day claimed it thwarted a major threat when it intercepted two drones flying over an army base in illegally occupied Kashmir early today, a day after suspected explosives-laden drones were used to attack an air base in the disputed region.

The military said troops around midnight spotted two drones separately flying over Kaluchak military base on the outskirts of Jammu city.

“Immediately, high alert was sounded and quick reaction teams engaged them with firing,” the military said in a statement. “Both the drones flew away.”

It looks very strange that Indian military spotted continuously on the second day two drones but it could not hit them nor trace where they have gone.

On Sunday, two explosions had rocked an Air Force Station in Jammu area of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The explosions had injured two people, while one blast caused minor damage to the roof of a building at the station, while the other exploded in an open area. There was no damage to any equipment. No organization claimed responsibility of the drone attacks.

No military assets were damaged in the incident. This shows that a planned incident in proximity of air base was just to create media hype.

Modi trying to deflect face loss in APC by creating fake hype. This could be termed as another poor attempt to malign Pak-China relations.

Indian design to portray Pakistan as aggressor in this case despite having strengthened Air Defence in the region, even if remotely true, also proves poor Indian air defence & poor IAF response
It is strange that IAF which could not explain its continuously changing stance (how many terrorists killed in Balakot air strike, or even if they were killed at all), failed to pick up PAF fighters through radars and has within minutes identified drones to be from Pakistan.

The incident will reflect poorly on professionalism of Indian Armed Forces who have already performed much lesser than propagated against Pak (Balakot-Pulwama air duel) and China (Laddakh).

The timing of false flag is also aimed to give strength to Indian lobbying and decision by FATF to keep Pakistan in GREY list. The decision has been met with huge fury on social media.
In hate of Pak, Modi

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