LWMC lifted 7000 Tons of Waste


The Lahore Waste Management Company has been striving hard to clean every nook and cranny of the provincial metropolis. In this regard, CEO LWMC remained in field and monitored all operations. He directed all the staff to remain in field till the successful completion of zero waste operation and to ensure timely lifting of waste from every nook and corner of the city. The Sunday holiday of all the officers and workers has also been canceled. CEO LWMC stated that maintaining cleanliness in the city is our top most priority. It was added by him LWMC has cleared mostly points of the city. CEO LWMC and all officers/workers are working constantly to make zero waste operation goes successful. He said that till now more than 7 thousand Tons of waste has been lifted in an environment friendly manner whereas the operation is still underway.
Imran Ali Sultan further briefed that we would not sit contentedly until the completion of zero waste operation and all resources would be used to provide citizens clean environment. All team of LWMC is in the field despite anything.

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