Local bodies system redone for public service: Buzdar Acting Governor Ch. Pervaiz Elahi calls on CM


Amraiz Khan

Acting Governor Ch. Pervaiz Elahi called on Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar at his office on Thursday and discussed various matters of mutual interest including strengthening of working relationship for the larger good of the people as well as development schemes.
Both agreed to continue working jointly for the betterment of the people and the illegal Indian step of revoking the constitutional status of Indian Occupied Kashmir as well as cruelties committed against the Kashmiris were strongly condemned. Both the leaders expressed their complete solidarity with the oppressed people of Occupied Kashmir.
Talking on this occasion, Usman Buzdar said that we will jointly continue working for public service and the allied party will be moved along. Without caring for the criticism, we are moving ahead with the agenda of public service while the opposition is engaged in the politics of non-issues, he said.
The basic necessities of the people were ignored in the past but the incumbent government is engaged in such public welfare projects which the former rulers had failed to perform even in years. He added that time to befool the people with hollow slogans is over adding that wrong priorities of the past have tremendously damaged the people. Instead of providing any relief to the people, they were inflicted pain, he added.
Usman Buzdar said that the PTI government identified the priorities in the right manner because both the direction and the commitment of the government are correct. Pakistan has started moving in the direction of change and the new local bodies system will give a new direction to the concept of public service, he said.
The chief minister said that local bodies system has been redone to devolve the power and authority to the genuine representatives of the people at the grassroots. The PTI government is going to introduce a local bodies system which would provide relief to the common man, he added.
Ch. Pervaiz Elahi, on the occasion, said that we were with Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and would remain with him in future as well. We will jointly work to provide relief to the people in the province, he added. Chief Minister Usman Buzdar is serving the people while former rulers showed-off in the name of development and the gimmickry of Khadim-e-Aala has been exposed before the people. The opposition has no agenda, he added.