Lipton unveils new campaign


STAFF REPORTER KARACHI Lipton, one of the world’s leading tea brands owned by Unilever, recently unveiled their new TVC. The brand is moving to a platform of enabling connection moments with our loved ones. The insight behind the campaign is something everyone in today’s world can relate to. In the busyness of life, we tend to get so involved in the things we have to do, we don’t prioritize taking out time to make a connection with the ones who matter the most. The message was brought to life through Lipton’s new TVC, which shows a father unconsciously slipping into work mode, ignoring playtime with his daughter. A sip of Lipton brings him back into the moment, and he actively prioritizes his daughter over his other tasks. The message is simple: “Jaagein un keliye jo waqai ahem hain” (Be awake to those who really matter).