LHC for better strategy to control sugar, flour prices

Staff Reporter

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has given respite to the secretaries to adopt better strategies to control the long queues, control prices and ensure availability of sugar in Ramadan bazaars.

According to details, Justice Shahid Jameel Khan of the Lahore High Court heard a case regarding long queues of sugar buyers in Ramadan bazaars, controlling prices and ensuring availability.

The court remarked that beggars are being made, the matter is only about governance.

People are being lined up and identity cards are being demanded which is a violation of fundamental rights, price control is the job of the government.

The public prosecutor informed the court that meeting of all the secretaries of Punjab have been held on the order of the court.

The public prosecutor pointed out that out of 36 districts of Punjab, Lahore has the largest population and a special booth will be set up along with all Ramadan bazaars which will provide only flour and sugar.

The court directed the public prosecutor to ensure the availability and fixed price of sugar in the general market along with Ramadan bazaars.

The public prosecutor said that 155,000 tons of sugar would be given and people start buying more sugar due to cheaper rates. This common tragedy is that when there is a sale, there are queues.

The court expressed anger at the government law officer for comparing the sale in Europe and the lines in Ramadan bazaars and assured that the sales in Europe are a basic necessity. The court adjourned further hearing on the petition till April 28.


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