“Let’s Become Thaykaydar” book launched



With a vision to uplift service standards, reduce waste and avoid irreparable mistakes in construction industry; ThaykdaydarSaab.com has recently launched its 1st book on construction, Let’s Become Thaykaydar which is “Pakistan’s 1st Construction Manual” with over 400+ TIPs to improve your construction experience, save time and cost.

Talking to the audience during the book reveal event organized at National Incubation Centre- Islamabad Hammad Ahmad founder & CEO of ThaykaydarSaab.com said;

Alhamdulillah- What started as an idea to uplift the construction industry and up skill its relevant stakeholders has now become a reality.

“Starting with a Purpose-led vision with a burning desire to deliver; after several sleepless nights, years-long engagement with laborers and extensive research & observation we are at a position to make life easy for those who want to construct their own homes, says Hammad Ahmad.

He added, we can confidently claim that our humble effort is bringing the CUSTOMER FIRST ideology to the Construction industry.

The work done under this project is dedicated to my father Niaz Ahmad (late) who himself was a Thaykaydar (Contractor) and an inspiration for me- I would specially like to thank Allah (SWT) for his guidance, my entire family for the support and everyone who contributed in making this manual a reality.

The manual will not only revolutionize the construction. Industry but will also be a catalyst in bringing a much-needed change and bridging the gap in the construction fraternity.

The book is available online on Amazon, can be ordered using ThaykaydarSaab’s website, social media platforms and soon will be available at Pakistan’s leading book stores.


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