From a plastic factory to an environmental activist



History is witness of the power money has to corrupt people to an extent that they stop thinking about what is right and what is wrong.

Hence, it’s a surprise when selfless people emerge from the crowd and provide us all with the proof that humanity exists.

Believe it or not, there are several such individuals in Pakistan too. Here’s the story of Khalid Mir Jatt, a man who chose the betterment of the environment over wealth.Previously, Khalid owned a company that produced plastic shoppers.

However, when the news regarding the climate crisis struck the world, he decided to shut down his service. This step was taken in 2014 when barely anyone cared about protecting the environment.

Even in that time, Khalid knew he had to take a step and care for the province and the people living there.Not only did he stop producing plastic, but also focused on spreading awareness regarding global warming and the harm caused by plastic waste.

His efforts were later noticed by the Sindh government who appointed him in charge of the plastic waste committee formed in Larkana.

As for as earning a living is concerned, Khalid turned to his grandfathers artisan business of creating handcrafts after he shut down his factory. His current business promotes the culture of Pakistan.

Today, Khalid Mir Jatt is an environmental activist who is adamant on spreading awareness and putting a stop to activities that contribute to the climate crisis.

Currently, he has joined hands with Miraal Events Pakistan and Saffron Events Uk to speak our regarding climate change by being a part of their documentary project that will be shot across the globe.

Syed Qazzafi of Miraal Events is also a renowned figure who has taken up several initiatives to curb climate change.

With these exemplary individuals on the mission to save the world, we are hoping others to learn from them and give life to similar selfless project. Our country and our environment need people to step up.

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