Lessons and corruption in 06 January hearings | By Rizwan Ghani


Lessons and corruption in 06 January hearings

TRUMP lambasted Day 2 of the hearing and issued a 12-page rebuttal while rejecting the hearing as a kangaroo court.

After the second hearing, it is clear that there are many lessons and corruption in the hearing.

Let us see how Biden, Congress and the Justice Department deal with it. As a democracy, how America overcomes corruption to end populist leaders and populism.

Otherwise, populist will promise everything, deliver nothing, and attack the State and its institutions to stay in power.

Barr is Trump’s leading partner in crime. As AG, he saved Trump from FBI inquiry and impeachment. Without Bar, Trump’s political career would have ended without Jan 6. He now rejects Trump’s stolen election claim for selfish greed.

Rep Nader said they both escaped impeachment because Republicans who control the Senate are corrupt against the interests of the country (The Guardian June 21, 2020).

Barr is among the architects if not the collaborator of Jan 6. History shows Bar is a legal expert of destruction.

Bar opened the door for Bush to start the second Iraq war without the approval of the Congress.

He said standing permission for deploying US troops on UN missions is sufficient (Bill Bar on War Powers, Lawfare Dec 12, 2018).

He maintains that DoJ and national security are work in progress, which allowed US action against Libya.

Jan 6 Hearings will help America take action against legal mercenaries using their office to help rulers against democracy.

Other lawyers also stoked Jan 6. On election night, Giuliani wanted Trump to ignore the math and declare victory immediately.

He said that we need to say we have won while votes were still being counted. License of Giuliani was suspended. Some of his other colleagues also undermined election results.

These details warrant changes in law so that heads of states cannot collaborate with legal experts to abuse the constitution to block democracy through judiciary and courts.

Javanka have become beneficiaries of the Washington cesspool of corruption, which Trump wanted to drain.

They have turned against Trump to protect their $650m, which they made while staying with the president in the White House.

Money should be returned to the public. They should not be allowed to walk away for giving statements against Trump.

Ivanka tweeted “American Patriots” when Capitol was being stormed. It is duty of DoJ to uphold the law in such cases.

Jared has received $2bn in his investment fund. It is a large amount of money for his little known business.

It is natural that the investment has raised a flag in British media. Both Jared and Ivanka are going to testify in July in an inquiry against Trump for illegal business practices.

New York State AG has also ordered an election fraud inquiry against Trump for collecting $250M in donations.

The AG forgot Jared was running Trump’s election campaign and she herself is running for the Governor of NY.

Media also played a negative role. Reportedly, Republicans recruited an executive producer of Good Morning America and Nightline to send one message: We won the election but they are stealing it from us.

The two hearings have shown that Trump knew that he was losing elections so he used disinformation campaign to misguide the public to stay in power.

There will be another Jan 6 if there is no control on foreign funding, lobbying and use of election funds.

Trump tweets to Proud Boys expose a plan with the youth to cling to power. Court document in the Proud Boys case laid out plan to occupy the Capitol building on Jan 6.

The goal was to ensure that there is no entry point for the masses to rush to the building (Document “1776 Returns”).

It shows lethal use of social media with ground forces to subvert election for one-man rule.

Congress will have to uphold or enact laws to stop the president from abuse of power without undermining individual freedoms.

Liz Cheney is opposing Trump. As a result, she has increased her political weight. She is now a potential candidate for VP or even president.

She can easily challenge McCarthy who is bending backwards to stay in the good books of Trump.

He is already toasted due to his controversial stand on major issues. He is heard saying in a leaked audio that Trump should resign dashes his speaker’s dream.

Cheney is a step ahead of Joe Manchin because she is Republican but still darling of Democrats.

Gen Milley said that the ruling class does not care about democracy. It is a myth (Newsweek op-ed, 17 Sept 2021).

He had to work outside the command structure to secure Capitol Hill because the president was not doing his job to stay in power.

He made a statement before the 2020 presidential election in which he said that we do not take an oath to an individual.

He deployed troops, which saved democracy. Congress should listen to him and limit the powers of the president or regret it forever (Saloon, 29 Sept 2021).

—The writer is senior political analyst based in Islamabad.


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