Legislatures declare M-6 award on public private partnership



Ijaz Kakakhel

A legislative body of Upper House of parliament on Tuesday agreed over the award contract of Hyderabad –Sukkur Motorway (M-6) financial bid to M/s Techno-CMC –ACC because there is least financial burden on the govern-ment.

These views were expressed in the Senate Standing committee on Communication, which met today un-der the chairmanship of Senator Prince Ahmed Omer Ahmedzai here at the Parliament House.

The meeting was called to discuss the irregularities in the award of contracts under Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement by NHA in construction of Hyderabad –Sukkur Motorway (M-6) and Khar-ian-Rawalpindi Motorway Project and contracts of toll tax stations under NHA.

The NHA officials gave brief on the Hyderabad –Sukkur Motorway (M-6) financial bid comparison between the M/s Zahir Khan & Brothers (ZKB) and techno –CMR-ACC.

Earlier the bid proposal of M/s TECHNO-CMC-ACC Consortium was declared ineligi-ble on account of the eligibility factors provided in the RFP: Registration of Bidder with Tax Authorities Specific Construction consequently, technical evaluation of only eligible bidder, i.e. M/s Zahir Khan & Brothers was proc-essed, on which the committee had reached unanimous decision that TECHNO-CMC-ACC Consortium he provided necessary documentation based on which they fulfill Technical Eligible Criteria per bid data sheet of the Project, therefore, their technical bid disqualification was incorrect. It was evident by the financial bid pro-posal that M/s Techno-CMC –ACC is very lucrative for government point of view as there is least financial burden on the government.

The matter was disposed of while clearing the project which involve sig-nificant private investment least bur-den on government exchequer whereas the matter of construction of Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway project was de-ferred because of non-provision of relevant documents. The ministry was directed to provide the details of the companies participated, bidding docu-ments and the comparison between their experiences.

On the matter of contracts of toll tax stations under NHA it was observed that in the province of Balochistan four toll plazas are identified out of which two have been on the NHA record ta-bled in the meeting on the road wise toll plazas details on national High-ways while the other two are not men-tioned.

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