Legislators for early functional of Pakistan Halal Authority

Ijaz Kakakhel

A legislative body of upper house of parliament on Monday was informed that Pakistan Halal Authority was in initial stage and due to lack of proper skilled officials could not perform well.

The committee expressed serious concern over non-availability of skilled officials and directed to appoint the skill person as early as possible.

These views were expressed in the Senate Committee on Science and Technology, which met today under the Chairmanship of Sardar Muhammad Shafiq at the Parliament Lodges.

The committee received a detail briefing on the working and performance of Pakistan Halal Authority since its establishment. The committee unanimously recommended expediting the process of making the Institute operational.

The officials informed the committee that the Pakistan Halal Authority is planning to outsource all the projects deals in public private partnership.

The committee lamented the fact that the whole organization is still under a complete halt “how come 18 officials is running the whole institution that too only the administrative and clerical staff without any skilled workers” Shafiq Tareen regretted.

The DG Hilal Authority informed the committee that It took him one and a half year to open the Halal Authority account, the committee members remarked that the approval to open bank account can be given by Secretary Science and Technology, How did it take one and a half year for the account to be opened” the Chairman committee questioned and asked who should be responsible for this, Chairman Committee directed to inquire in the matter.

The DG halal authority also said that he is the only officer working in the department and require more officers from within the ministry to be a part of this project. The Chairman committee instructed that nomination of 15 officers from within the ministry may be submitted for further decision.


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