Legislators direct for appropriate steps to discourage kunda culture

Ijaz Kakakhel

A legislative body of Upper House of Parliament on Wednesday directed the ministry of Power to take appropriate measures for get rid of Kunda (illegal power connections), which was mainly responsible for inflationary power bills and also for creation of circular debt.

Staffs of power distribution companies were involved in illegal connections because without their contribution general public were unable to do so.

These views were expressed in Senate Standing Committee on Power, which held today in parliament house while Senator Saifullah Abro was on chair.

Members of the committee were of the view that due to kunda culture the overall power consumers have to pay on behalf of these power thieves. They suggested for effective measures to discourage kunda culture across the country.

Ministry of Power Secretary Ali Raza Bhutta told the committee that kunda culture was a complex issue and it required complex and multiple measures to address it.

The Secretary, Power Division said that the electricity theft is a non- cognizable offence in order to cease it, recommendations has been made time and again that it should be a cognizable offence so that the concerned department can be given security when taken action against the responsible.

The Secretary Power also informed the committee in written that the illegal Kunda power connections were 1389184 in six power distribution companies in which SEPCO alone has 593913 reported kunda connections.

The six power distribution companies namely SEPCO, PESCO, HESCO, MEPCO, QESCO and IESCO have reported total illegal connections 1389184 while four distribution companies LESCO, GEPCO, FESCO and TESCO have zero kunda connections in their respective power distribution companies. The regular connections in all 10 power distribution companies were 31649536 till date.

The distribution of kunda connections were SEPCO 593913, PESCO 408323, HESCO 277793, MEPCO105856, QESCO2496 and IESCO 803.

Most of the time of the committee was spent over exchanged of sarcastic words among Secretary Power Ali Raza Bhutta and chairman of the committee Saifullah Abro and others members.

The Chairman Committee sought report on appointment of MD, NTDC and new advertisement for the post of MD, GHCL which has been pending long by now.

The Secretary, Power Division informed the Committee that the report on the appointment of MD, NTDC is awaited by the Board of Directors (BoDs) since the Board is newly constituted, and the Board of Directors (BoDs) is the competent authority to deliberate upon the report.

The Chairman Committee sought report on the new advertisement for the post of MD, GHCL in the light of the Sindh High Court Judgment.

The Secretary, Power Division contented, that the Board is the final authority for all the legislative and recruitment decisions, under the Companies Act, 2017, after the completion of due process.

The Secretary Power Division further stated that the advertisement is aptly published according to the due requisites of the appointment. Moreover an appeal against the decision of the High Court has also been made.

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