Bids for conservation to be opened on Sept 17 for monuments


Punjab archaeology department has issued tenders for conservation and the proper look after of three Monuments in South Punjab and elsewhere involving a cost of overall Rs 42 million and bids would be opened on September 17.

According to the official sources, the Monuments are to be conserved included Sher Shah Suri Bawli, at Wan Bhachraan in Mianwali would be completed at a cost of Rs 10 million, Tomb of King Tahir Khan Nahar of Seetpur, district Muzaffargarh with a cost of Rs 20 million, and the Mausoleum of Hazrat Sheikh Sadan Shaheed, famed as Angels’ Tomb or ‘Farishton-Ka-Darbar’ among locals in district Muzaffargarh to be completed at Rs 12 million).

A number of Bawli were built by Sher Shah Suri along the Grand Road built in his times and these Step Wells were a worthwhile source of comfort for the travelers at deserted places to take a nap in coolest atmosphere and drink cool and clean water before moving forward. A sum of Rs 10 million was proposed for the Wan Bhachraan Bawli.

A sum of Rs. 12 million has been allocated for conservation of Mausoleum of Hazrat Sheikh Sadan Shaheed, a marvel of artful cut and dressed brick work decorated with Quranic Verses and designs in Muzaffargarh district.

Another Rs 20 million has been proposed for conservation of tomb of King Tahir Khan Nahar in Seet Pur, district Muzaffargarh.—APP

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