Legislators condemn firing incident

Ijaz Kakakhel

Legislators in Lower House of parliament on Thursday strongly condemned the firing incident on former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s rally in Wazirabad and demanded to properly investigate the case.

As the NA begin, the Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has strongly condemned the incident of firing on former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s rally.

He prayed for the early recovery of the injured. He said the rising trend of violent behaviour and intolerance in Pakistan’s politics should also be condemned.

The Minister said it is very unfortunate that some of the politicians use aggressive language, which prompts their followers to turn violent toward political opponents.

He said the trend to use politics for personal score settling should be avoided to promote tolerance in the society.

He said politics is the name of dialogue and resolving issues peacefully. After late Liaqat Ali Khan martyrdom several other important personalities were targeted but the culture of violence could not spread in the country.

Today incident showed deterioration in politics and suggested that fire and arrest politics should be given up. We all political leaders and workers should continue debate in politics and avoid politics of violence.

Condemning the firing incident on Imran Khan Ghous Bakhsh Mehar asked for proper investigation. Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah told the House that commission should be formed to probe the incident. PPP also held a long march but not a single incident occurred there.

Speaking on the occasion, PTI leader Noor Alam Khan also condemned the attack on Imran Khan and arrest of former Deputy Speaker of Punjab Assembly Dost Muhammad Mazari. He said a thorough probe should be carried out into such incidents.

It is negligence of Punjab government and why they failed to provide proper security to Imran Khan. Through international conspiracy efforts were made to create anarchy in the country.

BNP Chief Akhtar Jan Mengal said violence in politics is condemnable. He said violence has no room in a democratic society.

Whenever political dialogue’s stopped then violence automatically arise. He also prayed for the wounded leaders and workers.

Jamaat-e-Islami leader Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali said politicians should sit on the dialogue table by setting aside their egos to promote tolerance in the society.

There was no need for bringing police force from other provinces rather there was need for talks among all political parties’ leaders.

Earlier, the House offered fateha for the departed souls of various people, including the brother of Member National Assembly Mussarat Rafique Mahesar.

The chair, on the occasion, also condemned the incident of firing on a PTI gathering and prayed for the early recovery of injured.


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