Laying yourself open . . !


THEY say that in true love you lay yourself open. Truly that is a fact. I had got onto a helicopter at Manhattan, which would fly high above the skyscrapers and show us a different view of the New York skyline, from high up in the air. From above not below as we normally picture the scene.

Along with me and a friend who was coming along, there was a young couple onboard who had also booked a ride on the helicopter and as I looked with awe at the magnificent view, I was also aware of the lover couple in the cabin.

The young woman was highly excited by the view, but the man seemed a tad quiet. Was he scared of heights I wondered, or was he so much in love that the sights outside, could not inspire him as his beloved next to him? But as soon as we landed, I knew the reason.

There was a musical band on the landing pad, and as the couple got out of the helicopter, trumpets blared, drums started beating and hey presto we had a scene out of a Mills and Boons series.

In a jiffy, as if a conductor, had motioned him to do so, he was on bended knee, and in his outstretched hand, he held an open box.

She was breathless as she looked at the box, but it was not exquisite ring inside that had her heart racing, nor was it incredible dramatic scene of her lover on bended knee.

What held her spellbound was fragile love she saw in the eyes of the man, but beyond even that love, was that he, had risked, his pride, his status, laid aside position, importance and reputation, in that single act of declaring his love.

But, in that act of vulnerability, I knew she saw the strength of her man, not just the depth of his love, but that belief in himself was bigger than the snide comments, jeers or chuckles if at all that came from those around. She knew his vulnerability was his strength and her heart moved all the closer to him, and her arms stretched out to embrace a strong man, who was strong enough to expose his inner self.

As I moved out of the area, I asked myself, “Am I strong enough to show the world my strength, through acts which open myself to such vulnerability?” Most of us show strength through flexing our muscles and roaring loud jungle shouts, but true strength lies elsewhere I realized. I looked back.

They were embracing. He had got her, a beautiful woman, with an act of risking everything and showing his vulnerability. Are we strong enough to be vulnerable?