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Postal delivery delays

Pakistan Post has gained notoriety for inordinate delays. Mail, packages, among others are never delivered swiftly.

Only a few cosmetic measures have been taken in this regard, but much is desired to make it an effective, efficient and expeditious service-oriented organization. Tracking mail online has also often proven fruitless, as reliable delivery.

I sent a letter through registered postal service on 24 May 2021 from Islamabad to Karachi, and now more than two weeks have passed, but it was not delivered to the addressee.

How long these unacceptable delays in service delivery! Is there anyone to take notice of its delayed delivery services and direct its management to speed up its delivery and end this contemptuous culture once and for all?

Malala pride for Pakistan

As a Pakistani expatriate settled in Malaysia, it makes me proud to witness the immense appreciation young Malay Muslim girls, adorning a Hijab, have for Malala Yusufzai. They associate with her and look upon her as a role model.

She is amongst few girls of her age, like Greta Thunberg from Sweden, who can make their country proud, and project Pakistan as a tolerant Muslim country.

Malala, at the age of 15 years, was a victim of a brutal attack for defying extremist Taliban, who consider female education a taboo, in a country where girls go to universities both within the country and even abroad.

She is a recipient of the Nobel Prize for her role in promoting female literacy and her commitment, despite threats to her family.

She has the distinction to address the UN, apart from being invited by Obama to White House. Few within Pakistan enjoy such credibility in a world, haunted by Islamophobia and bias.

Perhaps her success invites a slanderous and malicious orchestrated campaign in Pakistan, following her appearance on the cover of Vogue magazine.

One fails to understand the mindset of such individuals who have no issue when females from India win international acclaim, but go berserk when a Pakistani girl achieves this on her merit, given the opportunity that fate offered her.

In the interview she rightly questions how Ehsanullah Ehsan who accepted responsibility managed to escape from detention with his family to a foreign safe haven.

Maybe, that has precipitated the slander over the casual remarks of this 23 years old Oxford graduate about marriage, which she quickly elaborates that she was scolded for by her mother, just like any traditional family, and adds “I didn’t realize that you’re not the same person all the time”.

Selangor Malaysia

Jinnah’s Pakistan

The creation of an independent Muslim state was set as their ultimate goal. Now comes to the fruitful benefit to our independent government, military and opposition parties got together and through a joint-resolution, gave the green light to a widespread military operation against extremist and sectarian groups, and also initiate a National Action Plan to introduce reforms which would reverse the mindset that facilitates radicalization and extremism in society. The struggle continues to finally construct Jinnah’s Pakistan.

Plight of libraries in Sindh

Libraries play a pivotal role in the development of a society. They offer information about current issues, science, history, culture and religions and so on and so forth.

They also provide good environment to the readers who come there for quenching their thrust of knowledge. The libraries play a major role in building up the future of youngsters and provide them a platform to fulfil their dreams.

The condition of libraries in Sindh is deplorable. Many libraries are closed in different cities and towns and many are deprived of basic facilities. On account of these conditions of libraries many youngsters are wasting their precious time in unnecessary activities like all the day sitting in hotels, using mobile phones all the day and many have became addicted to drugs.

In view of the above, the concerned authorities are earnestly requested to take some benevolent measures for the opening of closed libraries and providing the basic facilities to the deprived libraries, so that youngsters should avail the library facilities and utilize their precious time in reading/working for achievement of their goals.

Get yourself vaccinated

Pakistan is quite vulnerable when it comes to handling conspiracies, there are so many news revolving about Covid-vaccine that there might be dangerous side effects faced by the person who got himself vaccinated or recently there is a news in a newspaper in which a person claims that the person who is getting vaccinated will die within 2 years which afterwards prove to be fake but it had already been spread among people by social media due to which a large number of people are not ready to get themselves vaccinated nor they are allowing their family members to do so.

I urge the healthcare authorities and the government of Pakistan to take quick and strict action against this kind of misleading news. The media should play a responsible role by showing people the right news and by increasing public awareness about the vaccine and how safe it is for us.

Being a Pakistani, we’ve seen the failure of polio vaccination and its consequences so this time our government should be more active and concerned.

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