Lahore zoo admin set to euthanise elderly lion pair

Staff Reporter

The Lahore zoo administration has decided to euthanise a pair of elderly lions to their prolong health problems.

According to the administration, the lion couple has been suffering from multiple diseases and that’s why can’t be treated now.

The officials said that the elderly lions have been sick for some time now.

Their x-rays and ultrasound results revealed that both kidneys of the lion have stopped working, while the lioness is suffering from an infection.

They will be euthanised along with a tiger, brown bear, and zebra, the management said. The decision to give them poison injections was taken on February 15.

Deputy Director Kiran Saleem said that the three animals are in a lot of pain. The tiger, Siam, has been suffering from polio since 2004.

He is unable to move now because of it. There is an old bear that was brought to the zoo after he was recovered during a raid in Gujranwala a few years ago. He has lost his sight now.

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