KW&SB approves Easter advance for Christian employees


CEO / MD KW&SB Engineer Syed Sallahuddin Ahmed took personal interest in solving the problems of KW&SB employees and approved Easter Advance for all Christian employees including Leave Encashment for all Muslim employees and Eid Festival Bonus.

In this regard, the CEO KW&SB has ordered the Finance Department KW&SB to give Leave Encashment, Easter Advance and Eid Festival Bonus to all employees by April 10, CEO KW&SB while giving instructions to the RRG Department said that the process should be accelerated by adopting a better strategy to increase the income of the KW&SB.

So that employees can be given Eid Festival Bonus including Leave Encashment, Easter Advance Before Eid-Ul-Fitr, According to the Director Accounts KW&SB, the CEO KW&SB has approved the payment of a total of 431 million to the employees.

In which 380 million for Leave Encashment and Eid Festival Bonus, 16 million for Easter Advance, While the lucky employees who were successful in the lucky draw held in 2019 and 2020 in connection with the blessing of Hajj on behalf of the KW&SB, who could not get the blessing of Hajj due to the Corona Virus and the immediate payment of 35 million has also been approved for a total of 30 Hajis who won the lucky draw this year.

On this occasion, CEO KW&SB said that providing better facilities to employees and solving all their problems is one of our top priorities, He said that KW&SB employees have an important role in providing better water supply and drainage facilities to the citizens, including the stability and good name of the department.

At this point Engineers and Officers Association KW&SB, CBA, including all labor leaders, officers and employees expressed their gratitude to the CEO KW&SB for the notification of Eid Festival Bonus including Leave Encashment, Easter Advance.