Kubra Khan defends Mohsin Abbas Haider for domestic abuse


After showing support for Mohsin Abbas Haider, Kubra Khan has landed herself in hot waters. When actor Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife Fatima accused her then-husband of infidelity and gross domestic violence in November 2018, the internet was enraged. Her claims were backed up by photos of her being beaten and bruised by her husband when she was pregnant and after their child was born. She said it all started when she questioned him about cheating on her with actor Nazish Jehangir.


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Mohsin Abbas clearly felt the need to protect himself, but he just dug himself a deeper hole. His counter-story included smearing his wife’s reputation, calling her a selfish woman, and accusing her of using the “woman card.” Needless to say, no one believed his story. Instead, celebrities rallied to Fatima’s side, claiming to have personally witnessed Mohsin Abbas’ violence.

Gohar Rasheed, Dua Malik, Hamza Ali Abbasi, and Humaima Malik were among those who testified against Haider. Mahira Khan, Osman Khalid Butt, Shaan, and Mansha Pasha also spoke out against the disgraced actor for raising his hand on a woman. After an FIR was filed against him, he was eventually dismissed from Mazaaq Raat. That was not the end of the tale. Mohsin was found guilty of bullying and blackmailing Fatima by a Lahore sessions court in 2019. In a country where women are routinely asked for proof when a crime is committed against them, one would presume that Mohsin Abbas Haider would be found guilty.

Kubra Khan seems to think it’s not enough. Both actors participated in the 2016 drama Muqabil, and Kubra Khan captioned a photo of herself and Mohsin Abbas Khan as “beautiful, beautiful human being” back in 2017.


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When Vasay Chaudhry asked if she had taken any more pictures with the disgraced star, the picture in question became a subject of discussion on Ghabrana Mana Hai. She boldly claimed that she had taken more pictures with him after the controversy when she appeared on his show and even when she starred in a telefilm with him. She was then asked whether she had spoken out about her co-scandal, star’s to which she replied that she had, but only briefly. When Kubra Khan said, “If what came out was true, it’s disgusting,” she placed a lot of emphasis on the word “if.” She went on to say that only the two parties involved would decide the facts, not even the law.

What’s disappointing is seeing an educated actor like Kubra Khan perpetuate the narrative that a woman’s accusations of violence are often called into question, and no amount of proof is enough to back them up. In contrast to her male counterpart, who is believed at face value, especially when it comes to assassinating her character. Celebrities are often held up as role models, so it should come as no surprise that our culture is not advancing toward female equality when they make irresponsible comments without even contemplating the implications of their words. It is preferable to remain silent in such cases than to say something reckless.

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