Komal Rizvi opens up about her abusive marriage


Komal Rizvi recently spoke up regarding her four-year abusive marriage and divorce.
Rizvi revealed her traumatic encounter on Nida Yasir’s Ramzan Special Transmission with Shoaib Malik, saying she divorced in 2019.

Rizvi revealed information about her life, saying that after her marriage, she had to go to bed starving many times owing to her husband’s mistreatment in Oman.

The artist went on to say that she was imprisoned for four years, during which time she worked as a tutor.  She then took a course and began selling food to various stores in Oman.

Komal Rizvi said that “When my husband tortured and injured me, my parents became suspicious and started asking me to come back,” said Rizvi. “Then one day my father came and brought me back to Pakistan.”

After my husband tortured and wounded me, my parents grew wary and began pleading for me to return,” Rizvi said.

Komal also said that she was afraid that her husband might kill her when her father came to take her with him.

Komal said, “I was psychologically upset.” “I spoke to my aunt [Khala], a psychiatrist, and asked her that I can not understand how, with such a high IQ, I ended up like this. She explained that it isn’t about IQ, just that intelligent women prefer to remain in violent relationships longer because they rationalise their abuser’s actions.”

Komal emphasised the value of educating girls and empowering them financially. She also said that women must have a skill set.

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