Khan’s Haqeeqi Azadi movement in full momentum, says Mahmood


Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has said that chairman PTI Imran Khan’s Haqeeqi Azadi movement is in full momentum which has caused fear among the imported rulers and they have now resorted to political victimization and using of shameful tactics in a hollow attempt to suppress this movement.

Mahmood Khan maintained that the entire nation have witnessed the true face of these goons and the nation now stands by Imran Khan in his struggle for true independence. In a statement issued here from Chief Minister’s Secretariat, Mahmood Khan said that Imran Khan is fighting to make our generations truly independent and to restore the honor and dignity of Pakistan internationally. Imran Khan is the last hope for Pakistani’s and he is the only leader who has the ability and capacity to steer the country out of the current political and economic quagmire.

Mahmood Khan reiterated that a conglomerate of incompetent rulers and robbers have been imposed on the country whose focus is on abolishing corruption cases against them, looting the country’s wealth and transferring it abroad. They do not have any vision for the future of our country, no policies for the establishment of a welfare state, zero planning for efficient services delivery and absolutely no idea on how to bring about economic sufficiency.

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