Water level returns to normal in Indus River


The water level in Indus River has dropped to normal at Kotri Barrage, according to the water record shared by the Flood Forecasting Division on Sunday.

The water level in the river in upstream barrages on Indus has already dropped to normal flow. Water inflow at Kotri Barrage measured 1,13,600 cusecs and outflow has been 82,700 cusecs. Water level has dropped in several areas of Kotri, which were submerged owing to high flood in the river.

People evacuated from the area have returned to their homes after the water level returned to normal. Twin menace of flash floods unleashed by unprecedented monsoon rainfall in Sindh and Balochistan, and flooding in Indus River has damaged crops and thousands of mud houses in the area. A huge lake has been created by the rainwater standing across a very large area in Sindh, displacing millions of people in the province.

As the flooding in Indus River going down, the rainwater standing in the submerged area getting passage to discharge into the river. The water inflow in river at Guddu Barrage has been 60,200 cusecs and outflow of water 50,200 cusecs. The water inflow in river at Sukkur Barrage has been measured 45,500 cusecs and outflow 33,900 cusecs.


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