KE removes 1,650 kg of illegal kunda wires


The K-Electric’s efforts to curb power-theft and illegal-abstraction of power have resulted in removal of 1650 kilograms of illegal “kunda” wires in different areas of Nazimabad and North Karachi, during recent anti-theft operations. KE teams removed illegal numerous switches and kunda connections from Nazimabad 5A&5E. More than 800 kilograms of illegal wires were removed from Paposh Market while dismantling a hazardous network of generator mafia. Furthermore around 850 kilograms of kunda connections were confiscated from the area of North Karachi 5C/2 and Surjani whereas 27 illegal street light switches were also dismantled. Hazardous illegal streetlight switches, illegal hook connections, internet and TV cables cause the tragic electrocution incidents.