450 stranded Pakistanis return from Gulf


As many as 450 stranded Pakistanis in Doha and Dubai reached Pakistan via two international flightson Saturday. As per details, a flight of Qatar Airways carrying 200 Pakistanis from Doha landed at the Karachi international airport, while flight of Emirates Airlines also landed at the Karachi airport with 250 stranded Pakistanis on board. It may be noted that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Friday had issued a new advisory after making the announcement for the resumption of the international flight operation in Pakistan. The revised regulations would remain into effect from June 20 to July 31 in which the law of ‘home isolation’ of the passengers returning to the country was retained. The passengers, who were tested negative for the coronavirus, would be allowed to spend 14 days in isolation at their residences instead of staying at a hotel or government’s quarantine facility. Those tested positive for COVID-19 or having symptoms of the virus would be restricted to complete isolation period in the prescribed quarantine facility, whereas, such passengers would also be disallowed to travel to other provinces.