Kashmir solution must for durable peace in S Asia: TJP Chief

Staff Reporter

Chairman Tehreek Jawanan Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir (TJP) on Kashmir Solidarity Day said in his statement that a solution to the Jammu and Kashmir issue is essential for sustainable peace in South Asia.

He said oppress Kashmiris nation is looking at UN resolutions for its implementation to hold a referendum in IIOJK.

But, unfortunately UN is refraining from taking any practical action against India. He said that Kashmir issue is a flash point between the two nuclear powers India and Pakistan which needs to be resolved through referendum.

He said our Hearts beat with the Kashmiri people and are aware of the pain and suffering that the Indian army is brutally inflicting on them.

He said that Kashmiri Hurriyat leaders have been imprisoned in jails. He further said that instead of offering to mediate on Kashmir in Pakistan and India, the UN agencies should implement the resolutions on Kashmir so that a plebiscite can be held in occupied Jammu and Kashmir to decide their

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