Kashmir settlement to ensure South Asia peace: Attique


Hameed Shaheen Alvi
Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, former Premier of AJK and Supremo of Muslim Conference says Kashmir struggle aims at ensuring a stable South Asian peace and good neighborly relations between Pakistan and India. “Return self-determining destiny right to the Kashmiris promised to them by the world through Kashmir resolutions of the United Nations; in this perspective Kashmiris are waging an international struggle for restitution of their India-usurped rights; the struggle aims at ushering in an era of stable peace in South Asia and good working relations between Pakistan and India who are parties to Kashmir dispute besides Kashmiris themselves”, he told the world during his address to the well-attended Kashmir’s Accession to Pakistan International Seminar in Luton, England, on Thursday. Several Pakistan-origin British councillors in their addresses assured full peace support to the Kashmir struggle. Influential British figure Raja Ishaque presided.
He was talking to Pakistan Observer here on telephone Thursday afternoon. Sardar Attique on a week long tour of U.K. attended a number of public events on Kashmir. He was of the firm view that President Donald Trump’s Kashmir mediation offer has once again revived the Kashmir dispute on global level. It is a good opportunity and India being an ally of the US should not turn away her face from it. Kashmiris movement is a peace initiative that calls for peaceful negotiated resolution of this issue, he asserted.
He condemned recent Indian shelling of AJK populated areas and asked the UN Security Council to take urgent notice this violation of LoC. India must be punished for killing innocent Kashmiris in their homes by brutal shelling. Precious wildlife in the area has also been destroyed, environment poisoned there, he reminded the international environmentalists.

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