Karachi’s development


IT is heartening to note that Karachi finally appears to be getting the attention it deserves. Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated on Sunday a number of projects completed by Federal government, expressing his commitment that government will make all out efforts for development of the metropolis.
These words of the PM will be reassuring for people of Karachi who in fact came in big numbers in the last general elections to support the PTI. It is indeed time for government to deliver on the promises made with the Karachites. Given the multifaceted problems faced by Karachi, it definitely requires a complete makeover for which massive funds will be required and it is appreciable to note that PM Khan understands that provincial government cannot do it alone. While rising above political differences, both federal and provincial governments as well as local government will have to join hands to bring overall improvement in living standard of the people of provincial capital. In fact there should not be any politics when it comes to serving the masses. Most recently we have seen change of heart in attitudes of federal and provincial governments when they showed unanimity of views on Karachi Circular Railway project that indeed should be completed at the earliest to provide better commutation services to people. This vital project will also help improve entire landscape of the city.
We will suggest that both federal and provincial authorities should sit together and draw up a viable plan for uplift of Karachi. Apart from road and transport projects, the plan must envisage a proper and sustained mechanism to deal with issue of sanitation, garbage collection and rain water drainage as absence of these systems has become a great nuisance for residents.