Kamyab Jawan Programme


It was the complete and forceful backing of the youth that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf managed to break the status quo and come into the power defeating the entrenched political parties.
It is really heartening to note that the government has now prepared a comprehensive program for its biggest support base with the nomenclature of Kamyab Jawan. Indeed the success of youth is the success of Pakistan and helping them stand on their own feet is the way forward to put the country on the positive growth and development trajectory. Prime Minister Imran Khan was given a detailed briefing Thursday about the basic contours of the youth program, to be launched next month, at a meeting on Thursday. By all means, it is the most comprehensive youth program ever launched by any government. We say so given the fact that it is the first time that the youth will be able to get loan of up to five million rupees under this program – the total value of which is estimated to be one hundred billion rupees. The scope of previous youth programs including the one launched by the last government was very limited one as it envisaged disbursement of only small loans which in fact was not sufficient to help the youth to do anything worthwhile. Kamyab Jawan program indeed has the ingredients that will enable the youth to establish small and medium enterprises. This will certainly create immense job opportunities and can also help the country significantly bolster its exports provided the youth are also given the right kind of guidance and training to establish specific industries. For instance by just establishing a small industry of preparing prayer beads and prayer mats can help the country earn a reasonable foreign exchange by the export of these products to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. Currently we as well as Saudi Arabia are importing such products from other countries. Then the most important aspect of Kamyab Jawan program is that the procedure of acquiring loans has been simplified and the youth can get the loan only by applying online. Special Assistant on Youth Affairs Usman Dar needs to be commended for the effort he put in to prepare such a fantastic program for the young lot and we expect that he will put the same effort to make this program a successful model – the benefits of which will be enormous both in terms of economic and job creation.

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