Kamal vows to make NA-249 ideal constituency in country


Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party Syed Mustafa Kamal who is also the party candidate from NA-249 vowed that once elected, he will develop Baldia Town to make it as an ideal constituency for the rest of Pakistan.

“We are in the election race, and our mission is to alleviate the deprivations of the people.

We will not make any false promises, because we do not take U-Turns but we do promise with the Baldia Town residents that while the Baldia sleeps, we would be working at nights to make their mornings better.” Kamal said.

He deplored that it was unfortunate that the elected MNA from Baldia Town was never seen by the people of the constituency ever since he was elected.

Due to PSP’s participation in the elections, people of NA-249 are able to witness the army of ministers paying frequent visits to the ill fated constituency.

The dilapidated roads on which no development work was carried out in the last 10 years, are now being repaired as part of the election campaign.

Ethnic politics had deprived people of their basic rights such as water, education, healthcare during the last three decades.

We have been robbed not by robbers but by our watchmen.

“We not only know the problems of the people of Baldia Town but we also know feasible solutions,”He expressed these views while addressing a huge gathering of people at Khyber Chowk at the conclusion of the Party’s grand election rally.

PSP held a rally of Pukhoons dominated Sohrab Goth. The Muhajirs and Pathans who had been at logger heads on ethnic grounds are now showering flower petals on each other – thanks to Pak Sarzameen Party ‘s universal message of peace and mutual co-existence.

Everyone has gained their vested interests at the cost of public at large.

I have not established any petrol pump or wedding halls. Even my enemy cannot accuse me of corruption.

Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party Syed Mustafa Kamal  said the struggle to end the system of oppression has begun, people are coming to us on their own and joining our caravan overwhelmingly.

The people have not better option to vote but Dolphin. Whatever the outcome of the election would be, we will stay here. We will not leave the people alone.


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