Kamal slams MQM-P for ignoring genuine concerns of Karachiites

City Reporter

Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that in the face of critical political scenario, the so-called representatives of Karachi instead of getting portfolios, perks & privileges and opening of party offices, should have got annulled the federal cabinet’s decision of approving the Karachi’s controversial census without taking into account the genuine concerns of Karachiites.

PSP chief expressed these views while addressing workers on a social networking site.

The people of Karachi would have been grateful had the so-called representatives convinced the federal government to declare its cabinet’s decision of approving the controversial census of Karachi annulled, besides making sure the accurate recount of this city’s populace.

But the tragedy of Karachi is that the elected representatives from Karachi in the Parliament are persuing animosity against Karachi, Karachi has been looted not by thieves but by its watchmen.

Due to which the trust and hope of the people has been severely damaged. A few positions may help in achieving personal interests, but not public interests.

He added that if the MQM had been sincere with the people of Karachi, it would have demanded a fixation of the controversial census issue and it would have demanded for a 5 per cent audit of the census.

Now the people should understand who is exploiting their votes. The people must hold accountable all their elected representatives, including the federal and provincial governments.