Kabul’s notorious drug ‘den’ cleared of addicts: officials



Pul-e-Sokhta, in the west of Kabul, has for more than 20 years been the hub for drug addicts and their dealers in the city, but this week, the area was cleared by police, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) officials said.

Khaled Zadran, Kabul Police Command spokesman, said that Pul-e- Sokhta has been completely cleared of drug addicts and that those rounded up have been sent to rehabilitation centers. The addicts mostly lived under a bridge over the Kabul River.

“In the heart of Kabul, the blood-thirsty mafia mouth of the murderous drug addict named Pule Sokhta was free of humans for the first time today,” Zadran tweeted.

He also said: “Today I am praying that instead of life ending, clean water will flow under this bridge.”

According to Zadran, police have rounded up about 1,000 drug addicts from around Kabul in the past few days and admitted them to rehabilitation centers “so that their lives would not be endangered in the cold weather.”

“The process of collecting drug addicts continues in other parts of Kabul, and the places where drugs are sold have also been dismantled,” Zadran added.

Local residents say that the rounding up of drug addicts from Pul-e- Sokhta by the Islamic Emirate was a good move, especially as the addicts have caused many problems for local residents, they say.—Ariana news