Smelting plant to be built in Logar



A smelting plant with an initial investment of $20 million will be built for the first time in Logar province’s industrial park, officials said on Thursday.

Local officials said that the plant will provide jobs for thousands of people. They called on investors to visit the industrial park, which has “every facility.”

“In this plant, $20 million have been invested, and work on it is completed and we will start activity soon,” said Mir Hashim Hizbullah, a local official.

“Our investors can invest here with full confidence so that our country’s economy will improve and poverty can decrease,” said Mohammad Sarwar Haqqani, deputy head of the Industry and Commerce Department of Logar.

The industrial park in Logar is located near Kabul in the Mohammad Agha district and is built on about 500 acres of land.

Meanwhile, Logar residents welcomed the move and said they hope it will providemore jobs to the people.

“Most of our countrymen are jobless. If we find work here that will be good,” said Mohammad Ibrahim, a resident of Mohammad Agha district.

“We want that this plant will start its activities soon and we can find work here,” said Aminullah, a resident of Logar.—Tolo news