Kabul Municipality unveils giant hand-painted globe in city square



Kabul Municipality on Tuesday inaugurated a new landmark featuring a giant hand-painted globe in Dahan-e-bagh square in the city.

The globe is eight meters in diameter and is set upon a structure that has a mechanism that allows it to spin 12 times a minute, said Mohammad Khalid, deputy mayor of Kabul.

“Twelve other squares are also under construction,” he said.

Wali Gul Jawad, cultural affairs director at Kabul Municipality, said that another new landmark will be inaugurated next week.

“All squares will become beautiful,” Jawad said.

Residents welcome the municipality building landmarks.

“People will get to know Afghanistan’s neighbors. They will get to know how much of the Earth is dry land and how much is water,” said Mohammad Sabir, a Kabul resident.

Some residents call on the municipality to pay more attention to other infrastructure as well, including roads and sewage systems.—Ariana news