K-Electric installs 10,000 new electricity poles in city

K-Electric KHI Awards 2021 To Award Entities Serving Karachi!

KE is continuing to proactively replace the obsolete electricity poles with the new ones in different parts of Karachi. It is being done with the aim to supply safe and uninterrupted power to its customers.

The company has installed over 10,000 poles so far as part of the program while work also remains in progress to remove old and abandoned poles.

This activity is ongoing despite immense pressure and resistance from various groups with vested interests, who unlawfully use KE’s infrastructure.

As part of current drive KE has removed almost 800 poles in a single day. During one such effort when a pole was removed, KE’s local team found a concealed gun hidden inside. Local police officials were immediately informed by KE Teams. After taking custody of the gun, Police has also launched an investigation in this matter.

The KE shares its highest concerns over the misuse of its infrastructure and requests the law enforcement authorities and the city’s administration to continue supporting the company in its drive to prevent the misuse of KE’s infrastructure.

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