K-3 of Karachi Nuclear Power Plant connected to national grid


The K-3 unit of the Karachi Nuclear Power plant, having the capacity to produce more than 10 billion kWh of electricity annually, has been successfully connected to the national grid.

According to reports, the unit has the capacity to cater to the needs of more than 4 million households in Pakistan.

Highlighting the pros of the induction of the nuclear power plant in the national grid, the announcement mentioned that the addition of this unit will help curb carbon emission by 8.16 mn tons/year. It is also equivalent to planting 70+ mn trees, of great significance for optimizing Pakistan’s energy structure & reaching carbon peak & carbon neutrality goals.

The unit had achieved criticality on Feb 21 and was undergoing certain safety tests and procedures before it could finally be connected to the grid.

K-3 is the second Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan with a generation capacity of 1,100 MW and its addition to the national grid is expected to help reduce electricity tariffs in the country.

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