K-2: Pakistan’s first 1,100MWs nuclear power plant connected to national grid


KARACHI – In a major milestone, the Unit-2 of Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (K-2) was successfully connected to national grid for the first time on Thursday.

K-2 project, which is based on Chinese ACP1000 concept started in August 2015 close to the site of the Unit-1 in the outskirts of Karachi city, is currently operating at 48 megawatts.

The nuclear power project (NPP) has the capacity of generating 1,100MW environment friendly, affordable and reliable base load electricity that will help Pakistan in reducing loadshedding in upcoming summer season.

K-2 is the first NPP in Pakistan with generation capacity over 1000MWs.

Earlier this month, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) achieved a major milestone by successfully making critical (operating at a steady power level) the unit.

The third unit of the NPP would be inaugurated for commercial operation in May later this year.

Previously, Pakistan had five NPPs – one at Karachi and four at Chashma – with collective generation capacity of nearly 1,400MWs.

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