July 17 elections will decide Pakistan’s future: Imran


Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said on Wednesday that the July 17 by-elections will decide the future of Pakistan.

Addressing a rally in Jhang ahead of July 17 Punjab by-elections campaign, Imran Khan said our country could become a great country if we stand with truth and justice, adding that turncoats are the people who sell people’s votes for money and they go against the constitution of Pakistan and betray the country.

“The July 17 by-elections will decide the future of the country and we have to save the country from American slavery by winning the election,” Imran said.

Taking a swipe at PML-N supremo, Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif did nothing honestly in his life because he came to the power through corruption and made wealth through corruption.

“Our competition is with Sharif family, turncoats and Election commission,” PTI chairman said.

Criticizing the Chief Election Commissioner, the former PM said the PTI government tried to end the rigging by introducing EVM but bigwigs and CEC opposed the EVM due to fear of transparent elections, adding that two families are ruling Pakistan for 35 years but on Sunday we will defeat them and end their rule.

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