Joint Opp demands full bench hearing of Imran’s open coup


The Joint Opposition in the National Assembly has demanded that the case dealing with the violation of the constitution and unlawful actions taken by the Imran-led PTI Government against the constitutional no-confidence motion in Sunday’s session of the National Assembly, be heard by a full bench of the Supreme Court.

In a joint statement, the United Opposition has said that Imran Niazi on Sunday committed open coup against the country and the Constitution, the punishment of which is enshrined in Article 6 of the Constitution. They said Niazi’s mutiny against the constitution and law of the land merited the strongest condemnation possible. They termed this day as the darkest day in the history of the country on which rebellion against the constitution, democracy, law and political ethics had been committed and later shamelessly celebrated.

The joint opposition said that it strongly condemned the unconstitutional and non-parliamentary actions and attitudes of all governmental groups, including the speaker.

The statement said that the joint opposition had proved its clear majority in the house and exhibited that it enjoyed the confidence of a significant majority of the members of the national assembly. They thanked all who stood by the wishes of the people, the true spirit of the constitution and democracy and lauded their courage and principled stand.

The joint statement also appreciated the move of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to take notice of the situation. They welcomed the immediate action and issuance of short order by the Chief Justice and his fellow judges in view of the serious constitutional crisis facing the country and the nation.


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