Jiyalas capable of fighting ‘puppets’: Bilawal

Our Correspondent

Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari lashed out at the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government, warning that attempts to sabotage party’s efforts to form government in Azad Jammu and Kashmir will be “befittingly responded” by jiyalas.

Addressing an election rally in Kotli, Bilawal said that the ruling party was scared of PPP cadres.

The chairman said the government must compete the PPP with the power of vote, warning if he orders the jiyalas to hit back and reciprocate to the attacks, “The government would be completely razed down to the ground”.

Referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan as ‘coward’, Bilawal said that when Indian prime minister Narendra Modi revoked the autonomous status of Kashmir, the premier named the highway Srinagar Highway.

“When Modi attacked, the coward said on the assembly floor, “What can I do? We will not accept any deal on Kashmir, the chairman said, warning jiyalas of the party would thwart conspiracies hatched by PTI.

“PPP will stand with the people. We will not leave them alone like Imran Khan. We will make the people of Kashmir economically strong.”

“The jiyalas are standing firm and are not ready to compromise on Kashmir and will continue the struggle for the people’s rights.



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