Jawar ‘proud’ of terror charge


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Leading Ethiopian opposition figure Jawar Mohammed has told a court in the capital that he was “proud” to have been charged with terrorism. The influential former media mogul was not admitting guilt but accusing the government of targeting opposition figures like him. Mr Jawar was charged alongside 22 other individuals and one media house. The charges relate to a wave of ethnic unrest that followed the murder in June of popular musician Hachalu Hundessa. More than 150 died in the violence after the ethnic Oromo performer was gunned down in Addis Ababa. The jailed media mogul taking on Ethiopia’s leader Ethiopia’s murdered musician who sang for freedom Africa Live: Updates on African news Mr Jawar, the 22 others and the Oromia Media Network (OMN), which he used to run, are being charged with terror and firearm offences and telecom fraud.


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