Jammu Muslims’ massacre by Dogra govt in Nov 1947 condemned


The Jammu and Kashmir Young Men’s League and JK Students and Youth Forum have condemned the mass massacre of Muslims of Jammu region by the Dogra government backed communal Hindu n Sikh groups on Nov. 6, 1947.

In a statement issued here the JK Young Men’s league Vice-Chairman, Zahid Ashraf, while paying glowing tributes to the hundreds of thousands of innocent Kashmiri Muslims, excoriated the then puppet administration for the brutal carnage which the proud nation would never forget or condone.

He said that the massacre only strengthened the Kashmiris’ resolve to resist the occupation regime n pursue their dream of freedom ,and that pursuit was still going on with even stronger vigour and more solid conviction careless of the odds and costs and should go on untill the realization of that dream.

Manzoor Ahmed Butt, Chairman, Jammu n Kashmir Students and Youth Forum, in a statement also paid glowing tributes to the martyrs of Jammu. —INP

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