Ismail: Will not accept Murtaza as admin

Observer Report

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail vowed on Saturday that his party, the PTI, which is in opposition in the province, will not accept the chief minister’s advisor Murtaza Wahab as the Karachi administrator at “any cost”.

“[We] will not accept Murtaza Wahab as the Karachi administrator at any cost,” said Ismail, while speaking at an event held by the Actors Collective Trust Pakistan.
The governor, while

speaking on a range of issues, claimed that it was decided that the administrator of the country’s biggest city would be appointed after discussions between the federal and provincial governments.

The governor also spoke about the Green Line project, saying that the government has completed its talks with a Spanish company in this regard.

He assured the media that the federal government will not create any hindrances that would lead to a delay in the start of the project.

To a question about the students caught cheating in the matriculation exams, Ismail said that the fact that cheating was being done in the provinces “is a big question mark on the future generations of the country”.

“Those who had not studied for the whole year and were left behind due to Covid will pass by cheating [in the exams],” said the Sindh governor.


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