Islamabad in shambles


THE Federal Capital, which was supposed to be a model city, is in shambles these days – thanks to the perennial neglect that the city sees from Federal Government, Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC). Problems were always there but these have been multiplied and compounded by the situation arising out of Covid-19, which is being used as an excuse for non-delivery of even basic and essential services to the residents of the capital.
Once Islamabad was considered to be a city of bureaucrats only but with the passage of time its population has increased significantly requiring proportionate measures, plans and programmes to resolve problems of the inhabitants of different sectors, housing societies and rural areas. Islamabad being seat of the federal government, there ought not to be any problem of funding in improving service delivery and addressing emerging problems of the city and its surrounding areas but there seems to be lack of interest and planning on the part of the authorities concerned. Roads are in dilapidated condition, traffic congestion and mess on some roads and junctions has made life of the people miserable, street lights are not functional, there is no proper garbage disposal system and litter is seen on green areas along roads and highways, parks are poorly maintained, people protest over shortage of water in various sectors and sub-sectors and unhygienic quality of drinking water, encroachment of all sorts is increasing with the passage of each day and developmental activities are almost at a standstill. One didn’t expect this state of affairs in the presence of CDA and an elected body – MCI – but both of them have disappointed the people. It seems staff of the civic bodies is enjoying holidays in the name of Coronavirus despite the fact that the virus presents no threat to a gardener in the park or a technician assigned the task of repairing a faulty street light. Developmental activities all over the country have resumed but Islamabad seems to be an exception. Such pathetic conditions are unacceptable when the capital is represented by some influential personalities in Parliament and cabinet and Prime Minister Imran Khan himself is resident of the city.