Islam protects rights of minorities



Tanzeem Islami ameer Shujauddin Shaikh has condemned the alleged attempts to distort the identity of an Islamic ideological state under the guise of minority rights.Islam provides complete protection of life, property and dignity to non-Muslim minorities and does not impose any restrictions on them to build their places of worship, he said in a statement here on Saturday.

He emphasised that the overall identity of any Islamic ideological state should be established and implemented on the basis of Islam. Expressing his regret,

He said that it has become a habit of our governments to put aside the rites of Islam to please the West and by presenting and promoting the worships, rituals and places of worship of other religions.

Thus, by giving undue promotion to minorities’ rituals the 97pc Muslim majority is ridiculed and suppressed, he said.He emphasised that justice is the catchword of Islam and ensuring minorities’ rights is mandatory, but the Ministry of Religious Affairs should know that in an Islamic state it is forbidden to use the public treasury to build places of worship for non-Muslims.

The fact is that only Islam provides a just system that distributes rights and duties fairly between Muslims and religious minorities. Now it is our duty to implement this system in Pakistan so that all kinds of exploitation end and Pakistan becomes the cradle of peace and prosperity, he said.